Techno, Techno, Techno

A lovely fun bouncey night out at Substance last night reliving my old uni clubbing days. Surgeon, one of the original stalwarts of Third Eye back in Brum, was headlining and played a great set full of old school trance techno. Just like House of God all over again – except without the epic grandeur of the Que Club as a backdrop. Plus American dancers have a whole different approach to these kind of events – lots of break dancing and over-zealous self expression, as opposed to the usual drug fuelled Brit style of ‘stare at the DJ, gurn and wave hands at varying levels’.

The start of the night was also fun, after a brief nap and one of my episodes of suspected narcolepsy (I ‘wake’ up while asleep unable to move), went to join Paula at her friend Maria’s art opening. Fun little gallery in Billyburg that is also an artists house. The show was based around Maria’s five coldest nights – represented by a sequence of slightly larger than postcard size drawings lined up across the wall, and related lumps of ice each containing items pertaining to the story melting outside. Fun stuff. Then off to the after party where we warmed our chilled butts against one of the few open fires I’ve found in New York – bliss.

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