A very exciting day yesterday – all three of our Universal campaigns went live with great success! There’s definately a thrill associated with seeing Jerry Springer talk about something you’ve helped set up. Plus it’s great to have finally gotten a proper night’s sleep – almost.

All the hard work has paid off though and everyone on the team has pulled together really well to get it all done. Congratulations everyone!

Now hopefully I can find some time to catch up on my homework for my photography course. I somehow managed last week to find time to run off two 36 films and buy a pile of developing kit in amongst the madness – and even got to the class on Thursday where I finally learnt how to develop black & white film (in summary: a pain in the butt – not tricky, just messy). This week our lesson is to use two light sources to take ‘portraits’ of a head shaped vegetable, and then to repeat the same with a person shaped person. The theory is that when you ask the vegetable to do something it’ll be easier than with the person = so you’ll be thinking more about lighting and so on. Bought my veggies.. now just need to find a willing human victim!

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