Happy Thanksgiving

New York is apparently a little bit confused today. It’s the end of November but somehow tropically warm outside, if grey and cloudy. Fall has decided to finish off its main job of the season, with the paths of the local park covered in piles of crunchy brown leaves.

Meanwhile I seem to have gotten myself way too much into a new TV show. D’oh. Dead like me is a series about a group of dead people whose job it is to collect the souls of people just before they die, preventing them from ending up in limbo. The concept is great, darkly comic with a mix of family issues covered off as well as the strangeness of death. There are also some wonderful lines, such as ‘I love you, I just don’t like you anymore’, and on the subject of breakfast ‘I fancy trying something different this morning’ – ‘There’s a big menu to choose from out there’. Plus the English reaper Mason sounds just like my mate Robert.

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