Skinnin’ up

Yay! The iSkin just arrived for my iPod – huhroo! Bit too late though, as I’ve already scratched it up pretty good. Oops.

First impressions.. Very tactile, nice grippy feel. I chose the carbon (ie, grey translucent) one from the website but I’m not sure now that was the right choice. Think blue or green would have been better. Guess I’ll just have to use that one for business and buy a blue one for pleasure. On the downside – the slight raised cover around the ‘hold’ switch means you can’t just feel along the top of the iPod to change the setting – which makes the remote control even more important. The same gripe applies for accessing the base socket – it works fine for the firewire lead, but I’m not sure it will work so well with the dock.

Of course all of this is a bit moot since I’m now officially miffed that the iPod Photo came out just after I get a 40GB version on the premise I could store more photos on it while travelling! The U2 special edition iPod is also ex-strawberrily cute. Now where did I put that spare $20 million…

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