Red Moon Risin’

Wow. Last night’s lunar eclipse was absolutely stunning. From the point at which a little chunk of the moon disappeared to the whole orb being a deep, dark red the sky was beautifully clear over Queens. I sat outside on the balcony for pretty much the whole first half, scoffing down pasta (red sauce), drinking red wine and wishing I had my telephoto lens with tripod (my digital photos are less than impressive – even after I’d realised I was over-exposing what is effectively a reflection of the sun). Once the moon was completely red the most amazing cloud patterns came overhead from the west. Extended tendrils of cloud circling the moon, looking like the leaves of a fern. Stunning. Then the cloud covered the entire sky, leaving the fluorescent reflected glow from New York, alongside an eerie dark swirl of absent cloud that would have fitted well in an 80s sci fi epic.

The whole spectacle lasted about 2 hours and was just as breath taking as seeing the aurora borealis earlier this year in Kiruna. Much though I love being back in the hustle and bustle of New York, there are times when only natural phenomena will do it for me. Big up to Stephen for letting me know it was happening {:)

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