Liberty or cake

An amusing little political leanings test over at Politopia. Apparently I fall into the South West – to quote:

You advocate a large degree of personal freedom and a large degree of government control over the economy. Your neighbors include such folks as Jesse Jackson, Ralph Nader, Hilary Clinton, and Zack de la Rocha of Rage Against the Machine, and may refer to themselves as “liberals,” “left-wing liberals,” “civil libertarians,” “democratic socialists,” “egalitarians,” or “anarcho-socialists.”

Huzah for rage against the machine!

Yesterday was ‘fun’ in New York, the remnant of tropical storm Frances decided to come visit bringing torrential rain all night and subsequent breakdown of the subway system. Took most folks 2-3 hours to get into work. Yowsers. Luckily Tim’s apartment didn’t flood and the cats found the rain highly entertaining. In looking into this storm I noticed that we’re only a few major storms away from Hurricane Matthew… Finally, recognition for my own particular brand of mayhem and destruction. Mwuh hah hah hah!

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