Property is theft

Well, the Republicants have left the city… and thankfully nothing happened! I attribute this to my brave decision to leave the town and hide in the Hamptons for a couple o’ days. Big thanks to Roland and Nancy for being our gracious hosts as always.

Just had a quick flick through Bush’s speech. One quote pulled out by the Beeb caught my eye;

“Another priority for a new term is to build an ownership society, because ownership brings security, and dignity, and independence”

Ouch. This summarises quite accurately the problem faced in American society, the leaning on having possessions to make you happy. I came to realise while I was travelling last year that America is a capitalist society more than a democracy. The fact that the current President is up to his neck in business ‘associations’ is part of the issue that people around the world have with him. Anyone can come to America and be rich and famous – but it all revolves around getting money and possessions. There is no drive to achieve spiritual balance, or deriving comfort with what you already have that cannot be taken away from you such as your beliefs, thoughts and mind.

The corollary to this that Michael Moore picked up on in Bowling for Columbine was the use of fear in the mass media to drive consumption. Watch a program on Fox on the world’s deadliest killers, who MAY BE IN YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD NOW! Then be pacified by an advert for a nice, shiny new SUV.. surely then you and your kids will be safe?

Fear/terrorism to drive the need for security/consumerism. What a great running platform. I’m sure Bush’s fat cat lobby group friends are sitting in their private clubs chinking glasses together already at what they’ve created. Getting wealthy on your discomfort and un-happiness.

It’s your vote America… use it well.

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