Oh say can you see

Finally saw Fahrenheit 9/11 last night. Phew! Emotional little film that. Found myself welling up a couple of times during the 9/11 footage (which was done in a mostly non-visual way) but especially during the footage of people killed in Iraq and the interviews with a mother who’d lost her son in the Army. Moore’s obviously going for full anti-Bush impact at all points, but he tempers it by being pro the people in the army – just anti their leaders goals. Just the simple revelation that Bush spent 45% of his first year in office on holiday (pre 9/11) is scary enough.

Aside from that I don’t think I have anything insightful to add to the whole Iraq/Bush conversation, apart from it is scary how little respect one country can have for its ‘rightfully elected’ president. The footage shown of the presidential inauguration and the anti-Bush emotion back in end 2000/early 2001 is a timely reminder of what happened in the ‘election’ back then.

In the way of a lighthearted break from those depressing thoughts check out White House West. Yee haw!

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