Phew. Been a busy couple of days here in Adelaide so feeling pretty knackered. This is probably not being helped by being in a dorm again for the first time in aaaaaaages and dealing with other people’s sleeping noises and creaky beds. Last time I was in a dorm was slightly more fun back at the Nunnery for a night, where I learned the useful technique of hanging sheets to make a curtain (amongst other things). That aside the Cannon St Backbackers is pretty nice, and even lets you borrow DVDs to watch so saw Ice Age yesterday (sorry Dom, still think Monsters Inc is better).

Anyway, back to Adelaide itself…

Adelaide feels like many of the small towns I passed through back up the east coast in terms of size and layout. The main difference is that arts scene, pretty much everyone seems to be involved with it in some way or other. The town is pretty low down and spread out with the central business area being pretty compact and walkable. Most of the bars I’ve hung out in so far are around Light Square and Hindley Street, although today’s treat was Latze (meat and noodle soup) in the chinatown/market area to the south of the hostel with Lisa and Richard.

First evening was here went to the opening cinema show for the Fuse festival. Lots of music videos made for up and coming artists, some of which were outstanding. Then next door to Isobar for a few bands and beers, then onto the Grace Emily hotel to hang out with Holly and her mates a bit before heading back to the hostel to crash. Good fun, and lots of names to remember (or try to remember anyway given my general lack of ability in that area).

Yesterday wandered round the Adelaide museums and art galleries (as well as shops) before hitting the opening night Fuse gig at Garage. Hadn’t quite realised this was a guestlist only event but managed to wander in anyway (thanks guys!) to find it was a free booze do. Huzah! Few lovely bands and awards and vinos later found myself hanging out with some of the organisers who are a very luverly bunch indeed and mostly from Melbourne strangely enough. Quite fun to be at an ‘industry’ do for the first time in a while and managed to chat briefly to photographer Tony Mott and get some hints on portraiture (ta for that). Then staggered off to see Fruit – who are a great Adelaide five piece with awesome harmonies and an amazing lighting show. Well worth checking out if you get the chance. Ended up in bed around 1am completely exhausted. Good evening indeed…

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