Rainy days

Woo-ee! Another crazy Melbourne weather experience. All day it’s been bakingly hot to the level where I ran once round the park before almost collapsing, and then repeated the experience carrying my washing a few minutes down the road. The heat comes straight from the air into your lungs, sweet. Luckily our house has this great way of holding cool air in the southern part if you remember to keep the kitchen door closed. Yep, that is southern part of the house which threw me at first but then I remembered we’re in the southern hemisphere, so the sun’s in the north (duh).

Then tonight the heat was staying with us for a change. Normally it has been going really suddenly cold in the evenings as a sea breeze comes in which is pretty nice for sleeping. Was over at Vee and Dom’s (and now Matt and Denis’) for dinner watching this amazing lightning on the horizon from the 26th floor. Reminded me of the storms I sometimes used to see from the top of the world trade tower – they have the same clear line of sight well above city level. Awesome stuff. Except of course when you’re getting soaked by tropical rain on the way to the tram ‘cos you forgot your brolly. Oops.

Ah well. Off to Adelaide tomorrow to see Holly play in the Fuze festival and catch up with some other folk. Looong coach journey with an 8am start so I should probably be getting to bed. Bonsoir…

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