Rainy days

Well after a few on and off extremely nice and sunny days Melbourne’s gone back to being grey, cold and rainy again. Grrr.. Was quite enjoying the sun last weekend! Luckily not as bad as South Queensland where golfball sized hailstones were causing havoc so glad I missed that one.

Great weekend though. We finally got round to the big night out that t’other Matt has been threatening for over a month now. Went down to Honky Tonks – another back alley bar in classic Melbourne town centre stylee. Music was pretty good but a bit too Saturday night mainstream crowd for my tastes – luckily the sambuca helped gloss that one over for a while.

After the clocks had changed, and a quick 4.30am Hungry Jacks (the Aussie name for Burger King) we wandered off to a party just north of my house where Charlie and Michelle were celebrating getting engaged. Charlie’s a British lad currently ex-patriating and we bonded over a love of esoteric British techno (Eat Static and the like who he actually knows). At which point the sun came up and bed started to call… so wandered off home.

Sunday was looking to be peaceful and restful – but luckily Mos and Brock came to the rescue with a barbecue down in St Kilda. This turned out to be at their mate’s dad’s place. Great views of the seafront where a small gale was propelling windsurfers along at vast speeds, plus great food and combination so a good chill out day. Topped it all off with a re-watching of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Smashing. Strange to watch that again after so long – realised that most of the music is in fact a direct rip off from Star Wars.. interesting emotional resonance.

Now it’s back to the life of a code monkey.. Tripsta’s taking a bit longer than anticipated and I’m getting a bit code-shocked now. Not to mention the toll on my poor wrists! Almost there now for first launch and then I can take a well deserved break – huzah! Hard to convince people that building something off your own back where you’re not paid is ‘work’ though even when I’m pulling longer hours than them…

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