Slash. Slash. Thud.

Been a fairly busy week considering I had nothing planned a few days ago. Managed to score some free tickets to see a preview of Kill Bill Vol.1 the other day which was awesome (I’ve got a review up on epinions). The weather’s been veering between warm and sunny (yay) and amazing torrential deluges (including hail) so I’ve actually been out running for a change.

Best thing is that the Melbourne Arts Festival is currently on, themed around dance. There are so many events going on, many of which are free, that you can’t really get bored. Every night at 6pm in Federation Square (the new square in town) they teach different dance moves. Last night was hip hop, with basic body popping and 3-step patterns and freezes – where you ‘lie’ just off the ground supporting yourself on your elbow wedged into your hip. They made it look incredibly easy of course when it’s actually pretty hard – kind of like an dance version of the harder yoga moves. Amazing to watch though. Melbournians love hip hop and the crowds were out in force. This was followed by watching Beat Street, an 80s movie about New York hip hop then onto see TZU, a local hip hop band where the local possee was out in force. Good fun.

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