Bollox. Just wrote a big long post about my Great Ocean Road Trip last weekend and it got lost on the way to my site. Bloomin’ Internet.

Ah well – check out the photos in the meantime.

In Summary though – t’was a great weekend and amazingly beautiful. The torrential rain held itself off for the most part – especially on the first day when we really thought we’d have to cancel the trip on the way out of Melbourne. Saw loads of waterfalls, heaps of koalas (one of which was actually moving! I thought koalas only sat still in the fork of a tree wedged up their bum). The scenary there is stunning and it’s so much nicer to have your own car than to be stuck on a tour schedule.

In unrelated news – the continuing grey rainyness here has been useful in keeping me working on Tripsta. This is my new travel site concept which I hope to get up and running end of October. Everyone I’ve talked to about it seems pretty excited by the idea so fingers crossed it works out. In the meantime though the huge amount of cool open source software I’m getting to use again is getting my brain back into shape.. and getting me in trouble with the local internet cafe for slamming their download limits. Sorry guys!

ps, also chucked up some photos of my Melbourne gaff if you’re interested. It’s just changed around ‘cos the Chriss’se’s”s have moved back into their room rather than the sitting room (big thanks to them again for doing that for us).

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