Come on lucky 27…

Damn casinos. Managed to break quite a few of my rules for frequenting casinos last night and consequently paid the cost. Oopsy. Managed to add a new guideline for playing blackjack though – never sit as first person next to the shoe, always sit furthest away so you see as many cards as possible before it gets to you. Hope that’s helpful to someone ‘cos I certainly ain’t goin’ near a table anytime soon.

One feature of casinos around the world are the floaters. These guys, and they are always guys, just seem to hang back watching everything and nothing. Then suddenly they will go up to a table, put a few hundred on a number, seemingly always win then walk off to hover again. Very strange. One joined in for a single hand on the blackjack last night and got dealt a blackjack then walked off. Cushty.

Meanwhile back in reality the Cairns weather is still less than sunny so my tan is failing to darken at any appreciable rate. All the scuba trips seem to be fully booked up anyway which is a shame as quite fancied going out to watch a shark feed – maybe next week. What would be really cool is if I got to see the albino whale that’s swimming about at the moment. Beautiful animal.

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