Swim wid da fishes

Just got back from another trip with those lovely ProDive folks – so now I’m a fully qualified Advanced Open Water diver. This gives me new gnarly powers like being able to leap tall coral in a single breath, find small teaspoons lost in sand and wrestle naked with turtles. Oh no wait. That was naturalist. Oops, sorry Mr Turtle.

Weather was a smidge different from last week’s perfect conditions – that is to say wind at 30+ knots, swells up to 4 metres and visibility less than 10m in general due to disturbed sediment. The swells down the thin coral corridors were something to experience and don’t make me feel like rapidly going in for cave diving. Oh, and it was bloody cold! So no sitting around roasting on the back deck or sitting outside at night watching the stars. On the other hand met some loverly new people again and got loads more experience in different dive conditions. I can now happily snort sea water to clear my congested nose and other such ‘pro’ diver tricks. Also saw loads of turtles and got even closer to a shark, plus watched all the sleepy little fishes wake up at dawn and embark on a feeding frenzy of coral, floating plants and each other. Again, all very awesome and hopefully I’ll have some piccies up tomorrow for you to enjoy.

Plus I’m now only one dive away from my 20th. Sweet.

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