Do I know you?

After the wonderful sunny start to the week New York has decided to go back to being extremely wet and grey. Luckily I’ve packed some pretty full on waterproofs since I’m heading down to Melbourne and the weather down there is quite grey during winter, so staying relatively dry. Also bought myself a new rubberised bag from Brooklyn Industries (where else would I shop?) which is doing just lovely thank you very much missus.

Feeling sad though because tomorrow is my last day here before I head off to SF. I’ve managed to catch up with lots of people (some planned, some more synchronicity based) and that’s all been smashing. Last night hung out with Carter and Kristin and their friends Jon and Francine down at Moto, a cool little bar/restaurant right next to the JMZ line. Moto is an amazing little place with a great faux french style, wonderful food and to top it all off this amazing band started playing just after we finished dinner. A great evening all round.

On a camera type note (and with a big thanks to Carter for his positive praise on my photos) it’s amazing how much the price of Compact Flash cards has come down since I bought my camera last August. Back then a 192 meg card was setting me back $120, now the same type of card costs $150 for 512 meg. That’s a lot of photos and I need to watch that my poor little computer doesn’t get overloaded holding them all. Might be time to invest in an external 120 meg drive just like Andy with his plans to back up his entire CD collection. Tim was saying that the reason for this is there’s a new type of really fast compact flash about to come out, so the older (16x) speed ones that I’m using are getting a bit defunct. Professional photographers tend to use microdrives because they write much more quickly, although they are more susceptible to bumps.

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