Hot in the city

Well having been warned that New York was wet and grey I’ve been pleasently surprised by today’s hot sunniness! Much like the atypical weather I left behind in London. Bright sunshine is always the best way to enjoy wandering around New York streets, especially when you’re a bit jet lagged. Managed to fight off the jet lag long enough to buy a new bag and sort out a new phone number – +1 (347) 678.6295 which will work while I’m in the US thanks to the lovely Mr Virgin.

Also, as a slight follow-up to the last post, you may have noticed that I didn’t die on my last flight. Phew. And not only that the flight was pretty much empty so I had three seats to myself to enjoy a lovely selection of movies – my favourite of which was Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, the ‘fake’ biopic of the guy who presented and invented the Gong Show and who may have been a secret assassin for the CIA in his spare time. Very strange but a great movie.

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