Spring cleaning

Well after the unseasonably un-English sunny weather of last week the English spring has hit with a vengence today. Lashing rain and gray skies were in full force so I decided not to go for my usual jog round Clapham Common! Instead I’ve re-located slight up the road from where I was staying – from Aimi’s house to Phil’s. This is all of an extra four minutes walk so not the most strenuous of moves. Plus Phil has excellent internet as every good host should. Thanks to both Aimi and Phil for their hospitality.

On the subject of homes and houses yesterday was my nephew Nathanael’s christening. The lucky little chap now has four god-parents, two of whom are vicars, so his christian soul is veritably saved already. Amen. This can be added to the confusion of having two uncles called Matt, so it will probably all even out in the end. Oh, did I mention that other uncle Matt is also a vicar? All dog collars aside the dampening of Nathanael’s head in a draughty church was cause for much family celebration down in Aldershot with huge lashings of food for everyone. The sun also delayed its departure just enough for us all to eat outside before rushing in out of the rain for tea. Smashing.

Hmm.. not really on the subject of homes and houses. The tenuous link however was that I was back in Camberley again, so spent a happy few hours boxing more of my hoarded crap up and throwing other bits and bobs out prior to mum and Henry’s planned move sometime this year. This spring cleaning frenzy just extended itself to my Yahoo mail inbox where deleting the emails of a number of ex-girlfriends led to the recovery of about two megs of badly needed mail space – huzah! I’m sure if they ever do decide to talk with me again then this will afford a better fresh start. So on that note I’m off to clear up more electronic crap from my hard drive. Night all.

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