Back to school

Phew! It’s hot and sunny in London at the moment. Most atypical but very nice when you’re not working. I’m currently staying near Clapham Common with Aimi in a converted school. The apartment is the most amazing loft space I’ve seen in London yet, really reminiscent of good Billyburg loftage. Unfortunately the lease is up end of this month so it’s only a temporary thing.

Although that temporary state is handy as I’ve still yet to decide on my future plans. I’ve been hanging around in England now since March 17th when I came back from New Zealand and I still haven’t either a) bought a ticket back to Australia for the rest of my year visa or b) decided to settle back here. My mind keeps flip flopping between the two which is most un-helpful of the little bugger.

In the meantime though having fun catching up with friends, seeing art galleries and sunny weather so it’s not all bad…

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