I (don’t) want my MTV

Just realised that I seem to have so much time in each day to fill with fun stuff at the moment. Why? Because I never turn a frikkin’ television on. Just goes to show how much time you waste with that I guess.

Today’s non-televisual distraction was mostly a visit to the famous Bondi Beach. Have to say, that although I did have a wonderful time sitting watching people job along (mostly the girls obviously) and the lifeguards do their training I was, overall, a bit disappointed. I kind of expected something more than what seemed like a sunnier, sandier version of Plymouth! I guess I’ve been lucky enough to go to some wonderful beaches around the world, especially in Culebra off Puerto Rico, so now other beaches can seem a bit of a let down. Ah well.

That aside – finally saw the famous opera house which was pretty cool. Also went to a great exhibition of Australian artists at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Plus wandered around way too much in my flip flops somy feet are killing me!

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