Way down under

So I’ve been in Australia for twelve hours now and still have yet to fall off the bottom of the planet. Amazing thing that gravity.

Staying at the Bakpack/CB hotel in Sydney for my first night ever south of the equator. Didn’t get much sleep on the way down from Hong Kong so feeling a bit wobbly. Sydney is so far reminding me of a mellow cross between middle America and England, with lots of sun. Bought myself a cheap, chipped mobile and caught up with Pablo for a few pints of local brew.

A lovely dinner in Pablo and Judith’s back garden included free entertainment with a small troupe of ring tailed possums playing in the trees. The spider situation was brought to a front burner however when one decided to pounce upon Judith’s back making her more than slightly distraught. Luckily it turned out not to be one of the more deadly ones. What is it about Australia and worrisome creatures?

Right… now I’m off to see which way the toilets swirl when flushed.

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