Got my Marin mountain bike working in a bit better shape so decided to go for a quick ride round the woods rather than sit through hours of dead queen mum. I’d forgotten how much nicer my bike here was over the cheapy one I bought in New York to get me up and down the long avenues.

Cycled round the woods off Matthews Road, an old bike stomping ground that I used to go with my friends years ago. They’d all be smoking and I’d be big anti-smoking boy. Fond memories. The old concrete water tower that I used to sit and draw has now been painted a luverley beige colour and holds about 50 antennae of various descriptions. The other thing that struck me is how many more paths have developed since I was last up there, everything used to be very straightforward as to which way you cycled. I guess everyone wants to make their own way sometimes rather than just follow other people.

Also just finished reading the Celestine Prophecy. This is a ‘new age’ look at how we live our lives and what the next plateau of human existance should be. Based around the concepts of auras, energy vibrations and synchronicity it describes nine insights that, in the story, are revealed by an ancient manuscript from Mayan times. The first eight insights are relatively straightforward when you strip away the new age stuff – things like meditate to build up your energy, go with the flow, pay attention to other people when they speak, avoid negative behaviours. At the ninth insight it describes how everyone will evolve to a whole new plane of existance, at which point it gets a bit silly. Worth a read just to see how your mind reacts to it. I found it matched a lot of things I’d read of late about synchronicity and actually gave me some clarity on current life thoughts – guess I was meant to read it at that time… {;)

Mmm… Sundried tomatoes. It’s all I can do not to eat the entire jar. Bless ’em.

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