Brit Mums

Happy (UK) Mother’s Day to all those Brit mums out there! This was one of those days I always used to forget when I was over in New York as it’s on a different day in America. Go figure. Just finished off a luverley lunch catching up with a large chunk of my family and now feeling quite bloaty. I’ve also taken this opportunity to upload a pile of my latest pictures onto dotPhoto.

Also another quick service announcement. I’ve finally got around to buying a proper URL for this site – it can now be found at At the moment this just redirects you to here in simple URL redirect fashion but it’s a step in the right direction. I’ve also added a direct sub-domain to my photos as Fingers crossed it all works to plan – I’ve also added some mail addresses so I can be reached at (or the more formal ‘matthew’ if you’re annoyed at me). Next step is to get my site revamped ready for my travels. I’ve identified a few directions to try out and a name – Continental Drift, any thoughts welcome as always.

On the subject of travels… I’ve been very lax since I got back from New York in sorting things out. I totally under estimated how emotionally distracted I would be leaving everything behind – the city, the lifestyle and the people. Big recommendation here people is to always make sure you’re coming into something when you go somewhere, for example a new job, then you have something to keep you motivated and flowing. Having said that I’ve started to get things moving along now – applying for visas, finalizing routes and so on.

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