Synchrony City

Bleurgh. Think I might have overdone it this weekend… Had a great and drunken time with many different people. Friday night we started out in Ben Crouch’s Tavern – a ‘theme’ pub just off Oxford Street based around the life of a guy who stole corpses. A short (but expensive – £10) taxi ride later we were over near Old Street for the Last Days of Rome night hosted by some friends of Dana’s. This was a lot of fun and reminded me of Organic Grooves back in New York for their inclusion of bongos.

Saturday, having woken up quite hungover on Chris’ floor, I caught up with Phil and Steve again for increasing drunkeness in Clapham. Phil decided that disgression was the better part of valor on this occaision and stayed home to pass out and play Grand Tourismo on his PS2 while Steve and I wandered over to Brixton. Fond memories of Nuclear Free Zone at Club 414 won out over the extremely busy Dog Star lounge, so we spent the night in a pretty empty club playing some stonking music. Why is that always the way?

Sunday continued in the same drunken form with waking up on Phil and Steve’s couch then going into town shopping, eating and drinking. This was a nice appetizer to more of the same over at Aimi’s where she cooked everyone a luverley ratatouille. Ah, bless. All in all a good few days to compensate for the quietness of the rest of the week.

On a completely unrelated note I read that Joel Meyerowitz’s photos of September 11th are coming over to London to mark the six month anniversary. Can’t believe it’s already been that long. I really like some of Meyerowitz’s street photography so I’ll try and get along to this. Assuming of course that my impending medical on Wednesday doesn’t show I only have a few days left to live from excess alcohol consumption and lardy Brit-grub!

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