Thank Blighty it’s Wednesday

Gah! I hate those frikkin’ keyboards which are split down the middle with cunningly placed backspace buttons for when you mistype… Just one of the many differences I’m getting to grips with now that I’m back in England, staying at my old house in Camberley (a small commuter town south west of London). Yep, I have actually left new York now.

For those of you who didn’t catch this bit of news I didn’t actually leave on Friday night. Virgin offered my a large pile of airmiles to bump my flight so I took them up on that. This meant I had a pretty chilled out couple of days in Williamsburg having sorted out everything that needed sorting already. Sweet. Finally flew out on Sunday and Virgin decided to upgrade me to Upper Class! This was too wonderful for words, and the only downpoint of the entire journey was that when I finally decided to go to sleep on the totally flat, wide seat I got woken up for my massage. It’s a tough life. This of course means I’m now seriously considering paying double money to get a business cass round the world ticket rather than a coach class… Serious ‘traveller’? Me? Yeah right!

I’m pretty much over my jet lag now and planning to head up to London on Thursday night for a weekend of partying. In the meantime I’ve re-arranged my old room (again) and am trying to get better at throwing old, un-useful things out of my life. Never have been very good at letting go as I think I mentioned a few entries ago. Getting better now though.

On a more random note saw a program on obesity in America last night. Kids who are scarily overweight and either really unhappy or have parents who tell them it’s OK to be fat. Don’t worry about the heart disease you already have. It’s all well and good being happy with the way you look, but you take your own choices on chosing to die young from fat related illnesses. Of course, if only exercise was as easy as taking that next beer and slumping in front of the TV for a few hours.

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