With an Aching in my Heart

Finally got the chance to go to Banania last night. I’ve seen this place quite a few times on the way to Tim’s over the years and always wondered about it, so we bit the bullet and went in. Well, probably could have waited a bit longer really. The food was OK but ended up being a lot heavier than it could have been – I’ve never had a piece of salmon that weighed so heavily on my stomach! Foie gras was nice though and the conversation was excellent.

Also back on the Artist’s Way wagon again. For those of you yet to come across this best selling book/process/lifestyle it’s all about how to open yourself up to greater creativity and ‘awaken the artist within’. Suspect that in my case that’s a piss artist, fingers crossed I can get more into photography and other creative outlets though. I’ve had some good feedback from people recently about my photos (see link on right) and I’m pretty excited about travelling around the world and shooting all the way. Might need to take an extra rugsack for all the film.

Anyway, the key points of the Artists Way are to write three long hand pages of whatever comes into your head first thing in the morning and to take yourself out on an Artist’s date once a week (ie, spend time with yourself). I checked out the companion “Morning Pages” book you can buy and realized that the original book I used was about half the size needed, should be letter page sized. So I’m re-doing this all with a much larger notebook now. I also re-read some of the things I’d written when I was doing this over the last year during AccuWeather and September 11th. It’s interesting to see who and what was occupying your mind and how you write it all down, reminded me of a lot of things I’d forgotten so it’s definately been useful already even if I’m not exhibiting photos just yet… maybe next year.

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