Huzah!! It has finally snowed in New York this year! A thick layer of white stuff is sitting over everything that doesn’t normally have 20,000 cabs going over it a second. Everything looks so pretty. It reminded me of my first snowy New York day back at the start of ’99 – looking out of my window on Park Avenue South after wondering why everything was so quiet (the snow was muffling the usual mad road of traffic I used to have to deal with).

The snow helped the touristy qualities of New York for Helen’s final full day in town. Having had an extended, crossword solving (well 80%) brunch at Puck Fair we went over to Times Square and then down to the Empire State building. Thick snow was falling all the time which made it hard to look up at all, but Bryant Park looked wonderful. Also introduced Helen to the wonder that is White Castle, a peculiarly American fast food burger chain that sells burgers only an inch square that you inhale rather than eat they are so small. Luverley. Following that a bit of Polish food down at Veselka’s where we had borscht, pierogis, polish meatballs and cheese blintzes and consequently felt more than a little bit bloaty. I will miss Polish food when I leave here.

Must be getting old though, or maybe just tired from not being able to lie in these days for some reason – just wake up and start thinking then can’t get back to sleep so get up and do stuff to clear my head. We went down to Pioneer last night (Bowery btw Spring and Prince) and the volume of the music just did my head in completely. Suspect this was for a few reasons – 1) I was quite tired, 2) I was trying to have a conversation with my friends Andy, Helen and Ruth and I couldn’t hear a word they said and they couldn’t hear a word I said and 3) it was bad 70s disco for the most part. We were down there because, in theory, Seb Fontaine might have been popping over to do a quick set for a friend who was having a party there. Didn’t sound like he got to the decks before we left though… either that or a new, scary direction for him!

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