Sale of the Century

Roll up, roll up get your fine un-new merchandise here!

Yep – finally got my list of ‘things to sell’ together and I’ve posted it up. Now all I have to do is get everything else packed into small (or larger) boxes and then shipped back to the UK. This is in addition to the list of things I have to do for a) moving and b) travelling the world as well as c) my last days in New York (for a while at least). My notebook is full of more lists than the British TV schedules.

Yesterday had a fine time snowboarding up at Hunter Mountain. The snow was half-decent of which the same cannot be said of my snowboarding skills… I really need to spend a solid week boarding rather than odd days where I spend half the day remembering how to board and the other half being too tired to actually do it. The day trip was from Paragon Sports just off Union Square and involved getting up at 5am – yes, there is a 5am not that it’s any friend of mine.

After we got back went out for Ruth and Ben’s 25th birthday celebrations down at Pioneer (Bowery btw Prince/Spring). This is another cavernous bar much in the same vein as Sweet and Vicious round the corner although slightly more welcoming and less packed with out of town folk. Also randomly bumped into Caroline, my favorite barkeep from Puck Fair. Celebrations continued until around 2am making it almost a 24 hour day on the go. Don’t get many of those outside of trans-atlantic trips. Now I’m feeling decidedly wobbly so I should probably go lay down…

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