Mmm, achy

I thought yoga was supposed to make you more limber and flexible not too achy to walk?!!?!?!?

Decided to get a month yoga membership to help pass the time while I’m still in New York. Theory being of course that because it’s a month unlimited membership I’ll go more… Nice theory, not sure it’s ever worked before, and especially not when I’m hella-hungover! Still, had a good session yesterday and it helped me get over some of the current stresses and frustrations of my New York life.

Not having a regular job gets kinda boring after a while. I’ve never been the best at setting my own goals and working at them and although this is all good practice it’s not coming easily to me. There are some really big things I need to organize but I find myself just doing the smaller ones and thinking about stuff that isn’t helpful. Plus there’s a whole heap o’ distracting stuff on the Internet!

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