I am deeply indebted to my uncle who reminded me that quidnunc is literally Latin for “what now”. Indeed, that is the question I now face after five years of at least vaguely having a direction at work. The hardest game to play is often the one in which you have to make your own rules and then follow them or break them as is appropriate, I believe it’s called life. Having someone else’s rules to follow for a bit can be a lot less tiring, but they’re always someone else’s rules, even if you agree with them to a large degree.

So many things I could do – travel, change career direction, go back to school, live a bohemian lifestyle, or, even more scary, actually learn to roller blade properly. At the moment I’m contenting myself with tidying up my affairs and getting everything in order. February 15th 2002 seems to be a crunch date at the moment, as my apartment lease runs out on that day and NYC leases are notoriously difficult/expensive to break. Prior to that though I need to get my visa situation tied down which is top priority. Even if I decide not to stay in America it’s going to be an easier decision if they’re not busy pushing me out. At this point of course, I’m damn glad I’m not an Afghanistani as I’m sure that would just make things infinitely more complicated with the INS!!

Now if only I could learn to stop waking up stupidly early and enjoy my extended Thanksgiving holiday…

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