I am deeply indebted to my uncle who reminded me that quidnunc is literally Latin for “what now”. Indeed, that is the question I now face after five years of at least vaguely having a direction at work. The hardest game to play is often the one in which you have to make your own rules and then follow them or break them as is appropriate, I believe it’s called life. Having someone else’s rules to follow for a bit can be a lot less tiring, but they’re always someone else’s rules, even if you agree with them to a large degree.

So many things I could do – travel, change career direction, go back to school, live a bohemian lifestyle, or, even more scary, actually learn to roller blade properly. At the moment I’m contenting myself with tidying up my affairs and getting everything in order. February 15th 2002 seems to be a crunch date at the moment, as my apartment lease runs out on that day and NYC leases are notoriously difficult/expensive to break. Prior to that though I need to get my visa situation tied down which is top priority. Even if I decide not to stay in America it’s going to be an easier decision if they’re not busy pushing me out. At this point of course, I’m damn glad I’m not an Afghanistani as I’m sure that would just make things infinitely more complicated with the INS!!

Now if only I could learn to stop waking up stupidly early and enjoy my extended Thanksgiving holiday…


Hmm… I appear to have been laid off. Oops.

So if you want to get in touch with me I’ll be down a bar somewhere in Manhattan for the next few days enjoying the fall and living the kind of lifestyle only models and filmstars generally get to enjoy (except with less casting couch antics). My Q mail ain’t working so more – so ultrahi[@]gmail[.]com is the way to go, or AOL Instant Messenger – user multrahi. Yep, some bugger had beaten me to ultrahi. Here’s to plenty of ‘Withnail and I’ style antics!! Cheers.

Long time no see….

New York is beautiful at this time of year. The weather is sunny with a slight breeze and not too hot. The streets have yet to acquire that familiar summer stench of decaying garbage from overflowing cans. Life is good. The city sparkled from my roof last night.

Got round to having my house warming party this weekend. Good fun – lots of little i-camera photos on my fridge which I will put up on this site soon (promise). My roof leaked again but luverley Polish roofers are trying to sort it out this morning as well as sealing the gap in my floor. Yey! I spent 3 happy hours on Saturday stringing up christmas lights from my water sprinklers. All very Williamsburgian but cool none the less. The step ladder I used to do this was an experiment in balance and control as well as fear.

Also went down to Miami Beach for four days with Nicole the other week. Nice to get down there and miss 90 degree humidity in New York by swimming and sitting on a beach. Ate too much. Sunned to much and everything else to excess. A good four days with a spectacular lightening storm out of the plane as we flew into LGA. This weekend I fly to Montreal for the quidnunc eofy. Planes and me are starting to get along a bit better now thankfully!