Mmm… stabby

I’m now suffering from increasingly nagging stabbing pains in my stomachal area. No, it’s not the encroaching ravages of anthrax, but self-inflicted wounds caused by an attempt at self-improvement. Yes, sit-ups. Not just ordinary sit-ups mind you, but Mens Health (TM) recommended ones, guaranteed* to get you “rock hard abs” within three weeks. The kind of abs that mean you no longer need to fritter away money on cheese graters. The kind of abs that help remove 50% more stains from your clothes wash. the kind of abs I definately don’t have.

So, only three weeks (less one day) to go on this course of self-flagellation and I’ll be there. Wherever ‘there’ is I have yet to find out. I would do a “before/after” set of photos but I fear the distress I might cause my readership, if not just from the “before” photo, but also from the “after” as their hopes and belief in Mens Health are crushed forever, and they turn to McDonalds for solace. Mmm… McDonalds.

*Guarantee void where used on stomach related improvement

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