A brief note on paranoia

As an aside – I’m finding all this anthrax business mildly stressful. It constantly sits in the back of your mind, reminding you that the city is now more than ever a terrorist target. Stupid things like going to pick up some litter off the ground becomes a large decision – where did it come from? Could it have been near a post office which is infected? Personally I believe that the attacks come from America rather than abroad but that’s just my feeling on the matter. On the way back from work last night someone threw a stink bomb into the subway carriage I was on. As I left the carriage to head out onto the street it just made me think how easily that could have been something like sarin gas or some biological entity. You can’t do anything about it though – the only option is to cower in terror somewhere and never leave the house, whch isn’t really an option and could be just as risky. Life is there to be lived and we’ve all got to go sometime (ideally later rather than sooner of course).

Take care, be safe.

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