Life thru a lens

Had a classic New York night. Was planning to go see Zoolander, a piece of movie fluff involving Ben Stiller. Instead ended up going and seeing Mulholland Drive – the new David Lynch movie and the movie equivalent of a pan galactic gargle blaster.. Whoa! It’s two hours long and like Memento but different and more arty – very bizarre but some good random lesbian sex scenes. Still not quite sure what the movie was about.

Anyways – we all went to Von after the movie for a drink (which turned into many, for a change) when this guy leans over the bar to get his bike helmet. He seems vaguely familiar and progressively more so as he walked around the bar to get his helmet. He looked almost exactly like one of the guys in the film, the director (played by Justin Theroux). So he wanders out and I ask the barmaid if he works there, she says no, he’s an actor, just in the David Lynch movie… Bee-fuckin’-tsar! The fact that the movie was so surreal and disjointed just meant that we felt we’d become part of it. New York, eh.

So anyways I’m now dealing with a massive hangover as a consequence…

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