+1 month

Hard to believe it’s only been a month since it all happened. Everything seems pretty much the same as usual – apart from everyone saying “well, I’m sure it’s not anthrax” every time someone says they don’t feel well. The towers still aren’t there, although people are talking about putting up temporary replacements in the form of large beams of light. That would be cool – like the gel light I saw down at Tribe last night (St Marks and 1st), which, for a mere $1,500, produces an effect not unlike flames licking over the wall (or water if it’s projected blue) – incredibly hypnotic and beautiful.

On a more random observation note, more in keeping with how New York life really is… How come in New York bars you can, in fact you must specify the brand of vodka for your drink, but you can’t ask for Pepsi or Coca Cola rather than crappy post-mix no-brand coke?

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