The Tallest Star Wars Tower in the World

Just picked up a Lego Millenium Falcon and Imperial Shuttle from Andy. Now that John has been sent back to the UK he’s asked me to look after these rather than have to send them back and pay the associated cost. Made me think that with all the Star Wars (TM) Lego (TM) I could stick them all together and make a huge tower… Not quite sure what that would achieve but sounded like a good idea.

Travelling back home from dinner was a classic New York subway experience. At Union Square there was a swarthy young lad trying to hit on anything female with random ‘Is this the L line?’ tactics. Highly entertaining watching for all in the carriage who were otherwise doing their best to look cool and uninterested in the world around them. That was until one woman de-trained leaving behind a bag of Duane Reade goods. An old guy shouted after her but she was wearing her headphones. A quick throw from him and the good scattered around her feet as she strode rapidly away from the train. She stopped, shocked, and everyone in the carriage started smiling, knowingly, and making small talk and eye contact. An amazing transformation due to shared experience – New York stylee.

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