Oh land of the free..

Good news! The Bush proposed missile defence system will get rid of the enemy threat once and for all… Now if only we could find a way to get rid of Dubya…

Meanwhile back in sunny State College I’m slightly hungover due to a fun night down at The Brewery. The students are back in town and they have pool hussling German friends with them (you know who you are Karl!!). Not that I need to be hussled to lose at any bar related game as Mr Tanton kindly proved by thrashing me at darts. This variation of darts is called ‘cricket’, a variation on my old favorite killer where you score points by hitting a random selection of 6 numbers (and the bull). You have to hit a number 3 times to start scoring on it and when your opponent hits the same number 3 times as well no more scoring is to be had there. Simple. Except when you suck at darts as much as me!! Oh, and the darts board is made of stickle bricks which is mildly bizarre.

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