Priest in the Family

Just had a couple of wonderful days with my family in Brit-land. Simon, my brother in law, now has full priestly powers (not limited to blessing things and being able to run faster than a speeding bullet) having been ordained on Saturday at Guildford Cathedral. Today he gave his first communion. This means I’ve spent at least 5 hours in churches over the last two days – enough to keep me going for a looooong time! Simon played a good first game and has a great chanting voice, with excellent wing support from his brother, Matthew, and father, Leslie, both priests already.

That aside it’s lovely to see everyone and really makes me generally homesick with the thought that I will shortly be back in New York and a long way away from them. On the plus side this trip should bring me over 40,000 Virgin airmiles, giving me a free trans-atlantic flight at some point. Huzah!!

The flashbacks to my own choir days have been quite scary though… Luckily there aren’t many photos of that. Phew!

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