Being back at home always leads to the same thing, looking at old photos. I have so many photos from my life in a big box back here – none are even 5% as good as the stuff my photographer friends took at the same age or younger. Makes me realise a) how far I’ve come and b) how far I have left to go. I tended (and still do) take a lot of pictures of buildings. It’s also a long way between photos of me… But there are some great ‘fluffy haired’ ones. When I’m older and my memories fading these will be of great help. Oh wait. That’s now… damn you gin and tonic!

And now I know who murdered my wife, but in 10 minutes I will have forgotten that. Wait… Who are you people? What are you doing on my website? Who am I? And, more importantly, where did I leave my coffee…

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