Snowball’s chance in NYC

Fun night out post-work stress. Out with Tim and he threw a snowball at a trash truck. So this guy got out shouting “you white faggot – what you do that for?”. Tim stood his ground and said “It’s a snowball, mate. Don’t stress” and so on as the guy ranted at him. I turned around and saw the guy had a baseball bat in his hand so I wandered over to offer moral support (ie, two guys against one with a baseball bat). Then bat guy decided to call it a night and wandered back to his truck screaming abuse. Tim then goes, let’s throw another snowball at him, at which point i disowned him. Pretty standard fare.

Shortly after that we lost pool in Max Fish to this cute Welsh/French/Scottish film student from Arizona and later still played light sabers with two 12 foot fluorescent tubes tim had noticed outside. Big explosion of glass. Pretty.

So all in all an interesting night and one that i’m still recovering from. More coffee vicar?

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