Plus ca change

First day in Quidnunc NYC’s new office, conveniently located just south of Times Square on 40th between 7th/8th. It’s very strange all being in a large open space together. Just waiting to see how loud it gets when everyone’s here and the normal volume of conversations kick in.

This change of scene lets me relax after a hectic weekend. Partying Saturday night down in Astor Lounge for KB’s leaving do. Little bit drunk after having lunch & wine with John at 4pm and carrying on drinking (pool in 119 and darts in Bullshead) straight through. The hangover on Sunday was exquisite and did nothing to help the moving of furniture from Stephen’s old place on the Upper West to Williamsburg. Took three trips all told. Strange to have so much furniture in my apartment. Oh, and helpful hint, 32 inch televisions weigh a lot…

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