[Faster. Stronger. Older.]

As promised – I’m now fitter, healther and kinder to my fellow human beings. A week into being 28 and already I have achieved spiritual fulfillment.

That might be true apart from the raging hangover from Peenak’s party last night (got home around 5am) and excess weight that my few runs in the week have yet to shift. I’ve made a start though. Ran into work on Tuesday morning (took almost an hour) and Saturday’s run across the bridge and back. Neither of which were ‘runs’ in the real sense – more fits and starts of energy between catch up walks. I would go for another now but the weather’s actually made a turn for the better and I might just go and sit in the park and catch some rays and relax on this Labour day bank holiday.

That aside I’ve checked into DSL for my apartment and it all seems very reasonable so next stop a faster Internet connection. Then I need to get a scanner to get a few thousand photos onto the web. I was looking at getting a new camera but at $1800 odd I figured it would be more important to make the most out of my old one first. Hence going around running off huge amounts of film everywhere to many people’s annoyance (especially Matt T).

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