[28 years]

Now officially 28… time for recollection, thoughts about the year to come and stocking up on headache tablets for the week just passed.

Last night had a birthday b.b.q. on my roof. Great fun after about twenty hours of pre work. Big thanks to John and Ben for helping to prep and Barbara and Herta (amongst others) for leading cleanup at the end. Oh, and big thanks to the lightning for staying over the bay and providing cool illumination without raining on my stereo. Musical accompliment was provided by David Holmes, Groove Armada and Cassius to great effect. No-one fell through the roof which was nice. Oh, and if anyone has a home for a fridge/freezer full of excess meat then drop me a line… I worry too much!

Friday myself and Nathan went to Twilo to see Sasha & Digweed… After no queuing (strange) and $30 (for me, $35 for Nathan!) we ended up in the redesigned main room. This was looking like a school disco with bad sound, boys on one side of the dance floor and girls on the other. The only difference was a mirror ball the size of a car. This was a bit depressing. American dance clubs behave differently to English ones. In the UK everyone is, in general, pilled up and focussed on the DJ. In the US everyone seems to be coked up and dancing in small groups or breakdancing. After two years of being here I still find this strange. Anyways, the music was pretty shite, the club is sanitized and over-securitized and I have to dis-recommend this night to everyone now. Sorry S & D – I love you guys but Twilo is the worst.

Saturday I misjudged Heather’s birthday party time but caught the last half. Met some loverley friends of Emily and then ended up seeing some bands down at CBGB. Bumped into John down at CBGB and also met Becca and Dunc. Becca, a theraputic masseuse, proceeded to press three places on my shoulder bone, pronounced that I was blocked there and asked if I was stressed. Meanwhile I’m in an ecstasy of relief as my right arm felt more relaxed than it ever has! Thanks Becca – now I need to book Aveda for an hour of similar treatment… super.

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