[Party Weekend]

Excellent weekend. StJohn’s birthday party on Friday night starting at Bar 119 with Sam then an extremely sweaty four block walk to Barbara’s amazing E Village apartment roof for cocktails. Went to a restaurant called Village and had an absolutely wonderful bowl of asparagus and leak soup then some very good tuna bearnaise. Had a little bit too much red wine as well. Not so good head the next day.

Saturday evening was spent cycling round central park then celebrating Matt T’s birthday in Bowery Bar & Grill. Andy, Tim and myself then adjourned to Emily’s friend Marni’s party (again in E Village) for more rooftop antics. Good music until the top floor neighbour threatened to call the police… oopsy. Sunday was spent recovering and watching Fast Show (again). I’ve re-organized my apartment in lieu of buying any furniture and it looks a lot better. It’s almost tidy as well. Almost.

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