[Rules Make You Lazy]

In one of my drunken moments I was struck with a realization. Frantically I grabbed a piece of paper and wrote it down. So, in the cold light of day, here is that ‘insight’: rules make you lazy. Not very exciting really as it stands – I think I was trying to capture some deeper thought but didn’t use the right words. The basic concept stands well though and I think it was more that ‘other people’s rules make you lazy’ than rules in general – good rules help you make quicker decisions from a priori knowledge as long as they are used with the correct context.

Today my brother in law Simon got ordained at Guildford Cathedral so he’s now a deacon. Strange to be back in a church after so long and, of course, nothing had really changed with the good old C of E. Stranger still was seeing Simon with his dad, Lesley, and brother, Matt, all standing together with their dog collars on. An entire family in service to God. Simon’s dad looked so happy though. Bless.

Meanwhile I’m packing to go back to New York taking my usual excessive luggage (two bags) back having been on shopping sprees to CyberDog, Grade A and Muji. The last two weeks have been fun but I’m really looking forward to getting back to doing something rather than just sitting about! Some of the last week has also been quite stressful for reasons involving glasses of coke and a Camden nightclub. Seems to have turned out OK now but it is still in the back of my mind. Strangeness. Watch out New York – here I come…

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