[Random Domain Names]

I was thinking again about registering a domain to myself… The obvious ones, ultrahi.com and matthewhobbs.com have already gone (strangely ‘matthewhobbs.com’ is not registered to a Matthew Hobbs) although their net equivalents still seem to be around.

Current random URLs that might be cool:

  • sushification.com – a site describing the continuing gentrification of Manhatten via Sushi restaurants, the spore of the rich, trendy and white
  • diaretic.com – my diary
  • unilover.com – a site dedicated to all those people who’ve worked at Unilever that I’ve known and loved (sometimes more carnally than others)
  • unileaver.com – a site dedicated to all those who have left Unilever and want to form an ad-hoc community as they go through film school or eat too many pies or make bad relationship choices
  • quidpunks.com – the Quidnunc community as suggested by J Pegues, a mastermind

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