[London JAM]

Bizarre but cool day spent in London shopping, eating and drinking. Most bizarro thing was bumping into Jodi Ann Mullen who I used to fancy like crazy at PGL in summer 1992 but nothing ever happened with. Bob and I were looking at her thinking she was very cute and then I realized she seemed awfully familiar. I told Bob and he didn’t believe me but the more I looked the more she had the correct mannerisms – a cutely askew smile and expression that was ultimately familiar. I went over and asked – she looked surprised then remembered who I was. She also remembered she still had some of my letters to her which is more scary! I can’t even remember what I wrote but I’m sure they’re embaressing now – in a sweet, luvy duvy kinda way. Bless. That’s why our memories are so bad – to prevent overload of embaressment!

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