[Back from Glasto 2000]

Well – got back late last night from Glastonbury having spent the day sitting around on the site rather than in a traffic jam. Apparently it took some people around 7 hours to get out of the car park! Not fun. As I drove back the four days of sleep depravation kicked in as I dozed fitfully at the wheel, my only savior being a late night garage selling full-caffeine pepsi and pickled onion monster munch.

Glastonbury was much fun though. Caught up with lots of friends, drank way too much and did everything except shower way too much. Weather was pretty good, with Thursday being slightly damp but the other days a good mix of sunny and overcast. I now have a fine farmer’s tan for my sins. Oo ar. Best band was probably Yo La Tengo – a New York band playing in the new bands stage. Elastica were good as well though. I didn’t seem to spend as much time in the dance tent as I normally do (getting old maybe?) but managed to catch a set by David Holmes in the Rizla Lounge – a small venue. So that was frikkin’ cool – he was about 2 metres from me. Star struck or wot.

So now I’m back home in Camberley. I was going to Newquay but lack of forward planning and it being 9pm when I left Glasto put me off!

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