7/7/7 – the next door neighbour of the beast

Happy 7th July ’07 everyone! I’m a big fan of 7 related randomness, as it is part of my favourite number, but not so much as some folks who believe that getting married today is especially fortuitous.

In other daily news – the Live Earth concerts have already kicked off in Sydney, where it’s been Saturday for so long it’s almost Sunday already. These concerts, instigated by Al Gore (he who should have been President), will happen around the world until the end of the day. Exciting news for the environment everywhere.

Oh, and it’s also the 100th anniversary of Robert A Heinlein’s birth.

Magic Inflato-Diet Pill

According to the BBC Italian scientists have developed a pill that inflates in the taker’s stomach to make them feel full. The tiny pill is made of cellulose so it can be digested, and the feeling is likened to eating a bowl of spaghetti – cutting out the room in your stomach left for real food. Simple.

Of course this could be argued to be the same effect as drinking a glass of water shortly before you eat, or eating psyllium husks – a form of fiber that expands in water. Most worringly, what if the pill sticks in your throat when you take it? Scary. Although it could make for a great horror movie effect..

The Perfect Valentine Gift?

Well, today is Groundhog Day*, but it’s only two weeks to V-day. So why not show the woman you love how much you care by buying her a flashing set of ‘landing lights’ for her breast type area? Left a little… Right a little… You’re coming in too fast, pull up a bit! Touchdown!

* According to the major groundhog forecasters – we’re either looking at an early spring or six more weeks of winter. Since we haven’t really had a winter yet to speak of, I’m not quite sure which of the little furry critters to put my money on.


Came up with some interesting concepts while I was traveling back from town last night. Subways always seem to do that to me. Sometimes I’m tempted just to spend the day traveling round the entire MTA range and see where I end up…. Maybe not, but the ‘quiet time’ I get combined with the visual stimulation of people getting on and off seems to really shift things around in my head. Strange. It used to be when I was deep in thought on the loo… Guess I’m growing up.