The Liking

Today I is mostly liking sitting in the sun and having a picernic with Jess, Gerald and crew. Today’s special guest star was Rich, who I last saw at random in a Thai bar on Ko Lanta (he’s passing through on the way back to England from Australia). Now, as the sun sets on the end of a luverley day, I’m rocking out to Jarvis’ latest self titled offering in preparation for his gig tonight at Webster Hall – plus Beck’s ‘The Information‘ is also providing much enjoyment. It’s good to have some new tunes on rotation. Now if only the f*cking ice cream van outside would shut off the inane plinky noise of its child attracting device… Surely there’s some kind of law against it sitting and running the tune in the same location for more than a few bars? Grrr.

Chick-Sent-Me-High-ee’s Secret of Happiness

Having raved about the book Flow: the Psychology of Optimal Experience a month or so ago, I was glad to see that author Mikhail Csikszentmihalyi is getting some new press for a study program on happiness. The main take away from the article? Mikhail’s name is pronounced ‘Chick-Sent-Me-High-ee’, although he just tells his students to call him Mike which I’m sure keeps them happy. [From Lifehacker]